Current changes to the service provided at The Laurels Veterinary Centre due to Covid-19

Dear Clients,

Thank you for your continual support and understanding during this difficult time.

Due to the continuing COVID restrictions please see below our updated service guidelines. These restrictions have allowed us to continue to offer you a service that adheres to these limitations.

Our workforce has been divided into 2 small teams of two vets, 3 qualified nurses, one student nurse and one receptionists. If one team has to self-isolate, the other team will pick up their working days. This gives us the greatest chance of continuing to provide a beneficial service for you and your pets.


Can I get telephone advice?


  • We will be providing brief telephone advice from reception, but with only one receptionist, she will be mainly taking repeat medication / food orders, booking telephone consultations with the vet and taking “over the telephone” payments for services provided.

  • We will be providing telephone consultation for any concerned clients and for repeat medication checks that are due. The cost of these consults will be £24.05 that will be redeemable against a consult charge if the vet advises your pet falls into the seriously ill or emergency category and needs to be seen at the clinic.



What can I do if I am self-isolating and I have to bring my pet to the vets?


Anyone who is self-isolating should not be bringing their pet to the surgery! You must inform the vet if you fall into this category.



Am I allowed to enter the building with my pet?




  • For those pets that need to come to the surgery, they will be collected from your car.  You should telephone reception once you are parked in the car park. Do not park too close to other cars and keep your windows closed if you are within 2 metres of another car.


  • Vets will either take any additional history they require from a 2-metre distance in the car park or over the telephone depending on the weather.

  • Cats should be in a secure basket and preferably in your car boot or on the back-passenger seat so that they can be collected while maintaining a 2-metre distance. Baskets handles or areas we touch will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes before being returned to you.


  • Dogs will be brought into the surgery using one of our slip leads. These will be sprayed with disinfectant between use on different dogs.



Will I still be able to order medication or food and collect it from the practice?


  • We will be providing medications as far as possible but now ask for 7 – 10 days’ notice for these instead of previous 48 hours as we are having deliveries once weekly now instead of our usual daily delivery.


  • We would prefer to post medications, but they can be collected from the car park.  Food will have to be collected from the car park. Due to postal service delays we would recommend collecting medication and food from the car park. In exceptional circumstances we can post medication but cannot guarantee delivery.


  • All food and medication to be paid for over the telephone by card before collection.


  • For collections – wait in the car park, do not park close to other cars, or if you are within 2 metres, keep your windows closed. Telephone reception to inform of your arrival. Medications and food will be brought to your car by our staff. To maintain a 2 metre distance, we would prefer to put items in your car boot – particularly bulky items, otherwise if the passenger rear window can be opened we can drop medications onto the back seat.




Important information regarding your forthcoming vaccinations:

Booster vaccinations are being delayed up to 3-4 months. Puppy and kitten vaccinations are continuing as normal due to their immature immune system.

Guidelines will change dependent on our governing bodies; Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and British Veterinary Association (BVA). Please see the links below for more information.

Due to the constantly changing restrictions, please contact our reception team for further information.