Veterinary Receptionists

Meet The Reception Team

cathy thulburn_edited.png

Cathy Thulborn

Head Receptionist

I have been working at the Laurels for over twenty years!  When I started I was a nurse and I lived above the surgery together with Anne and some of the vets.  We shared the emergency work duties back then.


After I had my children, I returned to work as a part-time receptionist.  Presently, I have two dogs, an English Pointer and a Dalmatian and three cats. 


My duties include working at reception, having close contact with our clients and patients, as well as various administrative duties including sorting out vaccination booster reminders.  

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Anne Stokes

I am the longest serving member of staff at the Laurels, having been here since 1977.  I started out as a night veterinary nurse, but my role now is being part of the reception team.  I enjoy talking and getting to know our clients, many of whom I have known for many years. 


At home, I have two sons, two cats (one of which is a rescue), a rescue dog, a parrot, three tortoises and a chameleon.  Over the years, I have also hand-reared animals and even raised an orphan lamb!  One of my cats “Ernie” is a Devon Rex, who I am currently showing. 


I also have a keen interest in dog behaviour.  



I was born in Bermondsey, and we moved to Eltham when I was nine years old.  We grew up with many animals, my father having bred Dobermans and had several horses.  I have had a monkey, billy goat, parrots and numerous dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoises and others!